Keeping Children Safe

Every day, 10 children are removed from their home due to abuse or neglect. A safe place to sleep and play is their first step to healing. We currently partner with the state of Kansas to find, prepare and support the right family for each child in state custody within the dozen of counties we serve.

Foster parents are people just like you — singles, couples and families — who have opened their hearts and homes to children who have experienced trauma. Together, our team of trauma-informed specialists will support you, the child and the biological family to ensure the safest future for everyone.


We have been keeping Kansas children safe and families together for nearly 20 years. The work we do includes:

Keeping Families Together with Functional Family Therapy (FFT)

FFT is a well-documented, short-term, in-home family intervention service for families with youth who have been categorized as delinquent or pre-delinquent youth.

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Improving Safety with Family Services  

Many times, families feel stuck and/or powerless in their current situation. Our in-home family services help families safely alleviate challenging situations by working with the entire unit on communicating and connecting, which ultimately empowers them to make positive changes to last a lifetime. 

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Providing Safety and Care for Homeless Youth with Pathways

Our Pathways transitional living program provides young adults, ages 16-23, with a place to stay while teaching them life skills so they can become more self-sufficient. Providing encouragement and guidance in a safe and supportive environment, the ultimate goal is for they youth to gain independence and integrity.

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Improving Mental Health with Outpatient Counseling

Major life events, traumatic experiences and mental health challenges can significantly impact a person’s ability to successfully function at seemingly easy day-to-day tasks. Outpatient counseling helps individuals and families address the effects of trauma, improve stress management skills and reduce or eliminate the need for psychiatric hospitalization. 

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"Sometimes life can take you to a place where support is needed. Through Cornerstones of Care, our life went from caterpillar to butterfly and [is] growing daily. I honestly don't know how we could have turned every hard corner while growing without the abundance of support. I am forever grateful!"

—in-home services client