Keeping Families Together

  • Kansas spent 70% of its juvenile services dollars on incarceration in 2017.
  • 40% of youth released from juvenile detention are incarcerated within three years.
  • Research shows that alternatives to incarceration reduce repeat offenses by 20% and save $2-10 for every dollar invested.

The Governor of Kansas knew there was a better way to help youth involved with law enforcement. Instead of funneling them into the justice system, he called for an intervention to better support these children and families. In spring 2017, we launched a partnership with the state of Kansas, the Salina community and its surrounding counties to provide in-home Functional Family Therapy (FFT), a therapeutic alternative to juvenile detention. Our team of trauma-informed specialists have the capacity to partner with more than 175 families in central Kansas.

Justin's Story

Justin was a disrespectful teen getting into trouble with the law. After a referral to our FFT program, he now uses words to communicate his feelings and thinks before acting. 

Diego's Story

Read Diego's journey from an angry teenager at risk of being removed from his home to a teen who could communicate his feelings through words through our FFT program.

Our Most Urgent Needs

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