• 262 children in Leavenworth and Atchison Counties are in need of foster homes but as of December 2019, there are only 116 licensed foster homes in the counties.

Uniting families through foster care and adoption.

We have a long history of providing trauma-informed care services to youth in Missouri. In 2019, we began offering certification and support for a variety of foster care services, including traditional, respite, kinship, and medical foster care in Leavenworth.

Keeping children safe through prevention and intervention services.

Through our family preservation program we help Kansas families who are struggling with safely alleviating challenging situations and are at imminent risk of being separated. Our staff provide individualized services directly in the family's home, helping them learn how to better connect, communicate and ultimately make positive changes that improve their safety and health. Families also receive assistance with managing stress and emotions, identifying/practicing positive interactions, determining appropriate discipline strategies, and other life skills.

We also offer functional family therapy, a well-documented, short-term, in-home intervention program for families with youth who have been categorized as delinquent or pre-delinquent.

Success Stories

Weaver Family Story

During 20+ years of fostering, the Weavers have cared for 87 youth, adopted 6 and had 3 biological children. A young man who has lived with them for years shares his story.

Breeze Family Story

Rafael's parents unwittingly caused head trauma trying to resuscitate him after he stopped breathing. Now with the Breezes, his elevated medical needs are being met while his family eagerly takes all the necessary trainings they need for him to come back home.

Nathan's Story

Nathan ran away from home and engaged in dangerous behaviors until he was placed in treatment foster care where he received 24/7 support in his day-to-day life at home and school.

Our Most Urgent Needs

  • We are in need of Individuals, couples and families to partner with us to meet the needs of children in state custody by providing a safe and nurturing home to these children.
  • Donate basic necessities such as clothing, towels, toiletries, healthy snacks, etc. for these youth. 
  • Get involved with us through volunteering or advocacy efforts.
  • Ensure the safety and health of Leavenworth children and families by making a donation today to support programs like foster care, family preservation and functional family therapy.