Therapy for the Whole Family

  • 1,413 youth were in state custody in Northwest Missouri as of May 2018.
  • Our outpatient counselors have served more than 60 of those children and families since we started programs in Maryville in 2017.

Outpatient counseling helps individuals and families address the effects of trauma, improve stress management skills and reduce or eliminate the need for psychiatric hospitalization. Through outpatient counseling, children, adults and families learn skills to process loss and prepare for the future.

Jones Family Story

The Jones family stepped into the role of being foster parents in rural Missouri. Now, they play a crucial role in keeping families safely together. 

Matthew's Story

Play therapy helped 10-year-old Matthew learn new social and emotional control skills to grow beyond the abuse he experienced at a young age.

Our Most Urgent Needs

Right now, we're in critical need of individuals, couples and families to become certified foster care homes. Interested in joining our team of foster parents? Attend one of our upcoming info sessions, one-on-one chats or fill out this form and we will be in touch!

Become a Foster Parent

You can also ensure the safety and health of Maryville and NW Missouri children and families by making a donation today to support programs like outpatient counseling.

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