• 112 children in Johnson County are in need of foster homes but as of November 2019, there are only 20 licensed foster homes in the county.

Uniting and reunifying families through foster care and adoption.

In partnership with the Missouri Children's Division, we train, license and support individuals, couples and families just like you to provide safe, trauma-informed, temporary homes for children in state custody, including traditional, respite, kinship, and medical foster care. In addition, our specialized treatment foster care program offers the highest level of care available to children who have experienced significant trauma. Our home finding team works hard to match children with families in both foster care and adoption cases, working to help children experience permanency and find their forever homes. 

Keeping children safe through prevention and intervention services.

Believing prevention and early intervention combat trauma and promote safety and health, we opened our Warrensburg office in 2019 to bring intensive in-home services (IIS) and intensive family reunification services (IFRS) to the area. Both programs are proven to support healthy, stable home environments that are safe for children. We also utilize Solution-Based Casework, an evidence-based model that reduces lengths of stay for youth in residential treatment and prevents re-entries of children into state custody.

Success Stories

Gabriela's Story

When Gabriela learned she was pregnant, she went into rehab. After her son was born, our IIS team worked with her on parenting skills and a relapse prevention plan.

Abbott Family Story

Not knowing how to best care for their newborn, the child was removed from the home. Our Solution-Based Casework team helped the Abbotts develop the skills needed to get her back.

Weaver Family Story

During 20+ years of fostering, the Weavers have cared for 87 youth, adopted 6 and had 3 biological children. A young man who has lived with them for years shares his story.

Our Most Urgent Needs

  • We are in need of Individuals, couples and families to partner with us to meet the needs of children in state custody by providing a safe and nurturing home to these children. 
  • Get involved with us through our advocacy efforts.
  • Ensure the safety and health of Warrensburg and NW Missouri children and families by making a donation today to support programs like foster care, IIS and IFRS.