We Partner with Schools

Our Behavior Intervention Support Team (BIST) partner with teachers and administrators nationwide to address the growing needs of students in their own classrooms.

BIST is an outreach program that provides training and support to teachers, administrators, and staff in hundreds of schools throughout the Midwest. BIST helps schools decrease disruptive behavior, increase teaching time, provide relief for parents, and facilitate life-long changes in children. Children who exhibit disruptive behaviors often come from environments in which physical or emotional abuse, homelessness, drug/alcohol abuse, or lack of supervision is common. Our goal is to increase teaching time and help students make life changes.

The BIST Model

The BIST model is a philosophy of teaching and protecting students by providing both grace and accountability. It provides teachers with a problem solving model, and it includes specific interventions to teach students to manage their own behavior. The primary goal is to empower students by providing them with the skills necessary to be successful in the classroom.

Consulting Services

Since each situation and environment is different; our BIST Program tailors its embedded professional development to meet the specific needs of your school. This professional development can support individuals, teams, or the entire faculty. Our goal is to help administrators and teachers, so in turn they can help students with challenging behaviors.

The process begins with:

  • Assessment – A meeting with key people to obtain an in-depth understanding of your situation.
  • Initial in-service – A training session that gives your entire staff an understanding of the BIST philosophy and an introduction to our services.
  • Plan of action – A report of our recommendations designed to move your school through its challenges.

Cornerstones of Care’s BIST embedded professional development/consultation services consist of the following components:

  • Professional development for buildings and districts
  • Administrative collaboration and problem-solving
  • On-going staff support, problem-solving, modeling
  • Counselor and social worker support
  • Collaboration with individual teachers
  • Before- and after-school child-care programs
  • Class meetings

Course Offerings

In addition to embedded professional development/consultation services, BIST offers a variety of training courses for the novice teacher to the veteran teacher. In addition, our classes meet the needs of administrators, social workers, counselors and leadership teams. Graduate credit for BIST training is available through Baker University and Northwest Missouri State University. For course descriptions, visit and select 'Training Opportunities'.

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