Keeping Families Together 

At Cornerstones of Care, we always strive to be where our clients need us most, and sometimes that’s in the home. We offer home-based services and programs that work together to provide preventative support to children and their families in our community.

Intensive In-Home Services (IIS)

Intensive In-Home Services (IIS) are for families whose children are at immediate risk of out-of-home placement. IIS provides immediate, intensive, short-term, in-home crisis intervention and family education when families need it the most. Families who have a child or children at imminent risk of removal from the home due to neglect, abuse, family violence, mental illness, emotional disturbance, substance abuse, behavior disorders, etc. may be candidates for IIS.

Our trauma-informed team believes that families can, through intervention, learn to strengthen their family, improve functioning, and gain support within their communities, enabling them to remain safely together.

This 4 – 6 week program provides individualized immediate services to families in their home or within a natural setting. Each family will have a principal specialist who will have an average of 8 – 10 hours of direct contact a week (or more if needed) with the family. Each specialist is trained in brief solution-focused therapy, strengths-based model, and certified in trauma-informed care. Additionally, the in-home specialists are available 24/7 to their families for additional support and guidance. Throughout the program we also provide information and support to encourage growth and advancement of problem-solving, communication, parenting, and life skills that will benefit the family far beyond the program completion date.

Give us a call at 816-508-1609 to talk to a specialist and make a referral.

Outpatient In-Home Counseling

We know that traumatic and adverse experiences can significantly affect a person’s ability to successfully function at home, school and work. That’s why we offer outpatient counseling to help individuals and families address the effects of trauma in their lives. We’re a big proponent of being where children and families need us most, which is why we offer in-home outpatient counseling and therapy during the day, evening or even the weekend.

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