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Could I Be a Foster Parent?

The answer is probably yes. Foster families come in all varieties — including single parent, same-sex couples, blended families and mixed race. Becoming a foster parent is a unique and rewarding opportunity to make a lasting impression on a child’s life. There are currently more than 3,000 children in NW Missouri in foster care, and that number continues to increase every year. This is where you can help, and we’ll be there to help you along the way.

Are you qualified to become a foster parent? Read our blog written by current and former youth in foster care to see if you have what it takes to be a good foster parent. 

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Our Most Critical Need

Currently, our most critical need is the highest level of care — treatment foster care. Requiring both strength and patience for youth who have experienced extreme trauma, treatment foster care parents will receive an enhanced and individualized level of support from our trauma-informed team. 
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The biggest need in our communities:

  • Homes for groups of siblings. For many children in foster care, their siblings have been the only constant in their lives. Our priority is always to keep siblings together whenever possible. Read our FAQ infographic on sibling groups.
  • Help keeping families together. Ultimately, our end goal is to find a safe and loving permanent home for all children in our care. Sometimes this is through reunification efforts with their birth family, as children can enter foster care for many reasons. Your willingness to work with the birth family on reunification efforts can help keep families together. Learn more about why we work toward reunification in our FAQ infographic.
  • Homes for older youth. More often than not the perception of teens in state custody is that they are troubled, aggressive and delinquent. However, they are just as engaging, resilient and rewarding to parent as younger children. Foster parents to older youth often help to teach them independent living skills, such as how to do laundry and the importance of time management. Helping to provide direction and stability can directly influence the youth’s future independence. Learn more about fostering older youth.
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While you’re working toward becoming licensed. The easiest way to show your support is by helping to make the need for foster parents known. Our job is to find, prepare and support the right family – the right fit — for each child in the state’s care within the 30 counties we serve in Northwest Missouri. The number of children in foster care is growing faster than the number of licensed foster families in Missouri. We know that the families are out there, but we need your help to spread the word. Below is a tool-kit you can use to help us find the right foster families for youth in our communities.
  • This tool kit includes cover photo options, as well as some sample social media posts that you can use to show that you support youth in foster care and foster families.
  • Download My Social Media Tool Kit
  • Join the conversation on social media by using #care2ask on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll be posting helpful content and articles along the way.

  • You can share this flyer by printing it out and posting in a high-traffic area, or emailing it to your friends and family.
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  • Meet some of our foster families! Read and share their stories.
    • Meet The Creed Family. From foster care to residential treatment, outpatient counseling and now adoption learn more about our shared journey with the Creed Family.
    • Meet The Jones Family. Learn how the Jones family has provided a safe and loving environment – not only for their foster kids, but also for the biological families in their small community.
    • Meet The Voigt Family. After fostering for seven years, the Voigt family is now using their knowledge to help others positively impact the next generation.

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