Meet Some of the Children Up for Adoption Right Now.

These children, among others not currently listed, are available for adoption right now. We strongly believe that every child deserves a family and a home. If you're interested in potentially adopting on of the children listed below please contact us directly at 855-778-5437.

Meet Monea

Monea is a beautiful 13-year old girl on the inside an out. She will grasp at your heart with her energy and outgoing personality. Monea's most enduring qualities is her ability to be sociable and outgoing.  Her personality really shines through when she's communicating with others - especially peers and other children her age. 

Monea would do best in a two parent household, with no more than one or two other children. Monea has an older brother, and although they do not currently have contact we are seeking an adoptive family who would support and nurture a relationship between Monea and her brother in the future.   

Birthday: September 2003

Status: Legally free for adoption

Contact: Vicki Ross, Adoption Recruiter, at 816-501-6094 or for more information. 

Monea is up for adoption in Missouri

Meet Alex

Alex is a little guy who likes to stay active and loves to eat! He enjoys being outside and riding his scooter. He likes playing with other kids, but he does need help learning to share and interact with others. Alex needs structure and routine, and responds best to a nurturing voice and a calm demeanor. A specialized school that can meet his needs is the best learning environment for him. Alex's forever family will need the knowledge and resources to support his developmental delays.

Birthday: March 2006

Status: Legally free for adoption

Contact: Megan Richardson, Adoption Recruiter, at 816-678-6961 or for more information. 

Alex is up for adoption.

Meet Shamika

Shamika is a friendly little girl who is sometimes shy when meeting new people. She quickly overcomes her shyness, however, if given a little attention. Shamika enjoys keeping busy at all times, and she loves to sing and dance. Shamika needs one-on-one time with her caregivers and thrives in a structured home. 

Birthday: July 2005

Status: Not yet legally free for adoption

Shamika is up for adoption

Meet Ethan

Ethan is a kindhearted, inquisitive young man. He can be shy at first, but once he gets to know you, he loves to talk! Ethan is an animal lover, but mostly loves cats. He enjoys watching fireworks, playing outside and riding four-wheelers. To earn extra money, Ethan likes to shovel snow for his neighbors. 

Birthday: December 2000

Status: Not yet legally free for adoption

Ethan is up for adoption

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