Oct. 25, 2020 –    Don't forget to submit your child's medication log each month. These documents can be found under the Missour or Kansas resources dropdowns.



Autism Training
The Autism Certification Center & Autism Speaks is offering their online certificate (10.5 hours) free during COVID.
There is a track for toddler and preschool, for school age, and for transition age.
Parents, teachers, or practitioners can sign up FREE and you can get continuing education hours.
Click here to register.


    Annual Psychotropic Medication Management Training
    All homes must have this training completed by November 27, 2020. To register, click here
    Legal Aspects of Relative Placements Training
    This course is required during the first year of licensure.
    Have you ever wondered why we are required to seek out grandparents over many other placement options or why we work so hard to keep siblings together? Placement decisions are gigantic puzzles that require the worker to understand the various laws that apply regarding grandparents, other relatives, siblings and foster parents as placements for a child. In addition to the law, there are factors that are unique to each child that should be considered when making placement decisions. This training puts these concepts together. Learn more here.
    Legal Aspects of Concurrent Planning
    Concurrent planning is an important and necessary part of permanency planning. Federal and state laws intersect to guide agencies and courts. This training outlines the relevant laws and regulations and provides learning opportunities for the trainees to test their knowledge. Learn more here