Approximately 1 in every 5 youth (ages 13-18) will experience a mental health disorder in their lifetime. Our mental and behavioral health services and programs provide comprehensive and innovative treatment and support when children and families need it most.  

Outpatient Counseling

Our professionally trained staff provide outpatient counseling services where it feels right to our clients – where they work, live or play. Because of the ability to go home after each session, outpatient counseling allows individuals to maintain commitments to family, work and schooling throughout their treatment. Through outpatient counseling, we can help our clients address a wide variety of mental health issues and concerns.

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Substance Abuse Treatment

We provide substance abuse treatment services to youth and adolescents who struggle with abuse of medication, alcohol and drugs. Youth in the substance abuse treatment program are often in our residential treatment program, or referred to us through the court system or schools. Treatment may vary based on the individual’s needs.

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Residential Treatment

Our residential treatment programs offer trauma-informed therapeutic campus living for youth 4-18. Often those in our residential programs have experienced abuse, neglect or mental health disorders and face challenges requiring temporary out-of-home care. Our goal is to work together with the child, families and caregivers to safely and successfully return them to a family setting.

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