The Nurse Case Management program ensures that all children in foster care in Jackson County, Missouri, receive appropriate coordination of care—from immunizations to medication management. Our trauma-informed trained nurses work on behalf of foster youth, advocating for them, and helping to ensure that the unique needs of each child is addressed.

The nurse case management team is responsible for:

  • Frequent child health summaries. Nurses complete a 30-day child health summary with subsequent health summaries completed every 90 days. These quarterly health summaries ensure that all responsible parties are aware of the child’s current medical and behavioral diagnoses, prescribed medications, dates of most recent exams, immunization status and knowledge of any upcoming exam due dates.
  • Face-to-face visits. Each foster child will have in-home nursing visits and assessment every 2–3 months.  
  • Support and advocacy in meetings. A nurse will attend Family Support Team and Permanency Planning Review meetings held by Children’s Division, treatment and medication review meetings and physician appointments when needed. This ensures that there is a licensed medical staff member present to interpret medical information and act as an advocate on behalf of the child’s continued healthcare needs.

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