Happiness, intellectual growth and stimulation, self–care, emotional and physical support systems. These are the things that make a strong and healthy individual. At Cornerstones of Care, we are dedicated to uplifting the children and adolescents in our communities to achieve health, happiness, competence and self-sufficiency through our continuum of programs and services.

Through our youth support programs, we are able to provide stable living situations and form lasting relationships. These programs pair youth with coaches, tutors and mentors to emotionally and academically support them to pursue and achieve their educational goals. Additionally, mentors help our youth, build life and social skills that will benefit them for years to come.

Functional Family Therapy

Functional Family Therapy (FFT) is a well-documented family intervention service for youth ages 11 to 18 and their families, including youth with conduct disorders, violent acting out, and substance abuse. Together, the family practices open communication to strengthen relationships and reduce negativity, blaming and hopelessness. The main goal of FFT is to keep families safely together.

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Build Trybe

Our Build Trybe program is a series of hands-on, educational opportunities through a mentorship community that builds health, independence and empowers youth with employable skills that will benefit them and the communities they live in for years to come.

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Pathways Transitional Living

The Pathways Transitional Living provides support and guidance for young adults 16–23, many of whom have aged out of foster care, to become more self-sufficient and gain independence and integrity. We help connect young adults to opportunities and resources within the community that will enhance their lifestyles. Pathways offers three different programs for young adults based on their individual needs, and is currently available in Kansas and Missouri.

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Youth Educational Success (YES)

Our YES program was established in 2012 as a call to action to help our foster youth age 14-23 realize and work toward their post-secondary goals. Many of our foster youth face social, financial and emotional barriers that can keep them from realizing their educational abilities and goals. Our YES program provides a life coach to each young adult who plays a vital role in helping them succeed in attending and ultimately graduating from a higher education program.

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