We know that the transition to adolescence can be difficult and full of many decisions, conflicts and opportunities. For young men ages 11-14, BraveHearts for Adolescent Boys helps them understand relationships in order to reduce teen dating violence, promote respect and delay fatherhood by truly learning and understanding the responsibility that the role brings. Throughout the program, we work on building self-esteem, and participants can be connected to a mentor for additional growth. This program can be facilitated in schools, in after school programs, residential care and foster care.  

  • You are a young male between the ages of 11 - 14
  • You are a resident of Clay, Platte, Jackson, Cass or Johnson county.
  • You are wanting to learn strategies for empowerment and gain self-esteem.

You will learn to:

  • Identify and conduct healthy relationships
  • Respect yourself and others around you
  • Understand the responsibility that parenthood brings
  • Abstain from alcohol and drug use and delinquent behavior
  • Cope with peer pressure
  • Understand and handle the consequences of your actions
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Funding made possible by the Children's Trust Fund.

Funding for BraveHearts for Adolescent Boys made possible by the Children’s Trust Fund (CTF). You can help support this and other local prevention programs by purchasing the official CTF license plate for your vehicle.