This information is for Cornerstones of Care's Pathways Transitional Living Program for young adults, not Pathways Mental Health Services. 

Our Pathways program offers a variety of options for young adults, ages 16-23, to learn the life skills they need in order to become more self-sufficient. We provide young people with encouragement and guidance in a safe and supportive environment that matches their needs. Our goal is to help them gain greater independence and integrity.

At 18, Jesus found himself in state custody as a juvenile offender. He was alone and didn't know where else to go, but he knew he wanted to get his life back on track. Thankfully, he was referred to our Pathways program. Read Jesus' story.

A Variety of Living Options

The Pathways transitional living program is currently available in two states — Kansas and Missouri. In Missouri, it operates in Kansas City, Raytown and NE Missouri. In Kansas, it operates in Kansas City and Wichita.

Part of our program is specialized for youth and young adults with intellectual disabilities (IQs of 70 or below) and who have extreme behaviors. Settings are individualized to accommodate each person’s needs and abilities. This option is our most intensively supervised with a very high staff-to-client ratio. Our goal is to help this population become as self-reliant as possible while connecting them to opportunities and resources within the community that will enhance their lives.

This option provides a group-home setting with on-site youth behavioral health specialists who provide 24-hour supervision and guidance to residents. Our Pathways Assessment and Transition House (PATH) is located in midtown Kansas City, Missouri and provides Transitional Living Services for up to 10 youth. Over a period of time, participants are assessed to determine their readiness to move to a less supervised scattered site apartment.

Our Transitional Living Program (TLP) in Kansas City and Wichita are tailored to meet the needs of young people who might need additional support as they reintegrate into the community. This apartment-style living option provides participants with regular access to staff members who provide additional guidance. Clients are expected to attend school and/or maintain employment as they work toward greater independence. Over a period of time, participants are assessed to determine their readiness to move to the next level, typically to one of our scattered-site apartments.

Participants who graduate from one of our group settings, are placed in their own apartments where they are provided with a more independent living experience. We currently offer scattered-site apartments in Kansas City, Missouri and in Raytown, Missouri.  Residents have individualized curfews and receive nightly apartment checks to ensure safety and compliance with program expectations while they continue to learn new skills toward independence and self-sufficiency.

Additional Support Services

Our Pathways program offers a variety of supportive services to young adults that go beyond housing, utilities, supervision and supplies. These include case management services, life skills curriculum, a living expense assessment program (LEAP), LGBTQ services and more. We offer job coaching, alcohol and drug testing, on-call emergency assistance, transportation assistance, mental health referrals, coordination of educational services, supportive counseling and progress notes, budgeting and banking plans, connections to community resources, and other options so that each young adult can have the opportunities to learn and grow based on their unique needs.

Learn More

To receive more information about our Pathways program, please contact us at 844-824-8200.

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