Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith is dedicated to helping youth in foster care achieve their academic dreams. His longstanding support of Cornerstones of Care has directly impacted the lives of youth in the Kansas City community. Together, the Alex Smith Foundation and our Youth Educational Success (YES) program are creating a path of success for youth transitioning out of foster care.

This year, 250 youth in our community will age out of the foster care system.
  • 50% will become unemployed
  • 33% will need public assistance
  • 25% will become incarcerated
  • 27% will become homeless

Only 10% of foster youth will attempt college. And only 3% will graduate.

Through individualized support by a trauma-informed educational success specialist, youth, ages 14–23, in the YES program receive assistance with their educational, social, emotional and financial well-being to eliminate barriers that would keep them from pursuing post-secondary aspirations–such as attending college or vocational school. The Alex Smith Foundation provides an additional level of valuable support to youth in the program. Over the last four years, Alex and Elizabeth Smith have generously supported our youth in the following ways:

  • Funded travel to Washington, D.C., to meet Michelle and Barack Obama during an educational summit for youth overcoming significant educational challenges.
  • Sponsored annual holiday parties to create a sense of family during the month of December.
  • Hosted an annual graduation ceremony at Arrowhead Stadium to celebrate exciting academic achievements.
  • Created partnerships with local companies, such as Minsky’s Pizza to hold fundraising events.

“When I was 18 heading off to college I had the support of family, coaches and a scholarship. I can’t imagine how we can expect foster teens to be successful when we say to them, 'You are now 18 and we are cutting you off—so go out and make it on your own.'” 

Alex Smith, Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback

We are continuously inspired by Alex and Elizabeth's commitment to empowering youth in foster care. Due to their support, more and more youth in our care have the opportunity to pursue their dream jobs by achieving their academic goals.

The mission of the Alex Smith Foundation provides foster teens with the tools and resources needed to transition to successful adulthood by developing and promoting mentoring, education, housing, internships, jobs and advocacy programs.