Thanks to support from our community, we were selected as the 2018 Chiefs Charity Game beneficiary. We are excited and honored to broaden our partnership with the Kansas City Chiefs to positively impact even more children and families. But we are also inspired and humbled by the hard work the 2018 Chiefs Charity Game Committee is dedicating to the cause. All we can say is, thank you!

Kyle Hartman, Lockton


Bud Bacon
David Belpedio
Doug Black
Bret Boeger
Anne Bowman
Cindy Caragher
John Corkery

Meghan Dudek
Lauren Everett
Ken Gerling
Jennifer Gille
Brett Gordon
Steve Lawrence
David Leavitt

Lori Mallory
Beth Manley
Brian Olson
Joe Pribula
CJ Rios
Earl Santee
Lindsay Santee

Mike Slattery
Sierra Slattery
Carolina Terrazas
Caylee Valentine
Mike Valentine
Corrine Watkins

Interested in Joining the Committee?

For more details, contact Katie at 913-515-7951 or Katie.Culbertson@cornerstonesofcare.org.