Give STL Day is a 24-hour day of online giving from midnight to midnight on May 2 to shine a spotlight on the St. Louis region's nonprofits and the extraordinary work they are doing. We are honored to have been selected to participate in our first Give STL Day for providing attachment therapy services to foster and adoptive children and families after partnering with the Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition last year. We are also excited to announce the launch of even more services in the St. Louis area.

A New Program to Support the Highest Level of Care

When a child has experienced extreme emotional, mental and/or physical trauma, it often manifests in unhealthy behaviors at home and at school. As an organization certified in trauma-informed care, we recently rose to meet the needs of these children, launching an intervention program specifically designed for children with high needs. 

Homes That Heal and TAPS (Teaching Adolescents Positive Skills) is a treatment foster care program for youth ages 6-21. We partner with warmhearted families in our community and provide training, weekly in-home therapy and 24/7 support so they are comfortable opening their homes to children in need of this highest level of foster care. Addressing trauma in this setting advances a child's healing, reduces hospitalizations and ultimately helps them successfully reintegrate into their school and community in a safe and healthy way.

Read the Willoughby's story of providing treatment foster care to three siblings, and ultimately redefining what it means to be a family.

The Willoughby's Story

What You Can Do To Help

We want our Homes That Heal/TAPS families to feel confident and ready to accept a child; and our children entering a new home to feel hopeful and secure. You can help make that a reality by making a gift today. 

  • $36 — Foster Parent Manual + First Aid Kit —  Help a family become licensed and prepared to provide 24/7 trauma-informed care to a child in need of a safe environment to begin their healing journey.
  • $75 — Suitcase + Comfort Items + Blanket —  Children often enter state custody with only the clothes on their back or a trash bag with a few belongings. Restore a child's pride by providing basic necessities. 
  • $180 — New Home Launch Box for 1 Child — Equip a child entering Homes That Heal/TAPS with a full Launch Box (includes a suitcase, blanket, books, clothing, hygiene items, comfort items and more).
  • $385 — 7 Days of 24/7 Care for 1 Child —  Fund 7 days of trauma-informed Homes that Heal/TAPS care for a child who has experienced extreme emotional, mental and/or physical trauma. 
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