We believe safe children and healthy families create strong communities.

Children and families in our care have typically experienced significant trauma that can affect their mental, physical and behavioral health with long-term and life-altering consequences. If they do not receive the help and support they need, they are more at risk of dropping out of school, developing health conditions and repeating cycles of abuse or neglect. But we know brighter futures are possible.

We are committed to providing safety and health through prevention, treatment and support services to more than 15,000 children and families. Last year, we continued to provide services for:


Youth & Family Support

  • 1727 individuals received outpatient counseling.
  • 967 families received services to safely stay together.
  • 127 young adults gained independence in our Pathways program.
  • 90 youth received intensive on-campus living treatment.
  • 1454 family members received treatment at Homeroom Health.


Foster Care & Adoption

  • 1481 respite, relative, foster, medical foster, and treatment foster care homes partnered with us.
  • 1017 youth in foster care received case management.
  • 117 children were safely reunited with their families.
  • 132 children found forever homes through adoption.

Education & Community Trainings

  • Provided training to 879 participants.
  • 275 youth learned employable skills in Build Trybe.
  • 300 schools and 4,000 educators and parents partnered with our BIST team.
  • 165 students received an education on our campuses.
  • 9 resilient seniors graduated from our high schools.