At Cornerstones of Care, we always strive to be where children and families need us most, and sometimes that’s in the home. Always keeping the child's safety as our top priority, we offer home-based intervention services that work with families that are at imminent risk of being separated, as well as helping alleviate safety issues in homes so children can safely be reunified with their families.


Family Preservation Program

We recognize importance and value of the family unit. Through our in-home family preservation program, we help Kansas families who are struggling with safely alleviating challenging situations and are at imminent risk of being separated. Many times, the families we work with feel stuck and/or powerless in their current situation. We partner with the entire family in their home, helping them learn how to better connect, communicate and ultimately make positive changes that improve their safety and health.

Our staff are trained in strengths-based, solution-focused therapy and certified in trauma-informed care. Through this program, staff will provide individualized immediate services to families directly in their home in addition to being available 24/7 for additional support and guidance. Families can also expect to receive assistance with managing stress and emotions, identifying/practicing positive interactions, determining appropriate discipline strategies, and other life skills.

This program is available to residents of the following Kansas counties who have been referred by the Kansas Department for Children & Families: Allen, Anderson, Bourbon, Brown, Chautauqua, Cherokee, Coffey, Crawford, Doniphan, Franklin, Jackson, Jefferson, Labette, Linn, Marshall, Miami, Montgomery, Nemaha, Neosho, Osage, Pottawatomie, Shawnee, Wabaunsee, Wilson and Woodson. Contact us at 1-844-824-8200 to learn more.


Intensive In-Home Services (IIS)

Intensive In-Home Services (IIS) are for families whose children are at immediate risk of being removed from the home due to mental illness, emotional disturbances, substance abuse, behavior disorders, neglect, abuse or family violence. IIS provides immediate, intensive, short-term, in-home crisis intervention and family education when families need it the most. 

Our staff are trained in strengths-based, solution-focused therapy and certified in trauma-informed care. Through this 4–6 week program, staff will provide 8-10 hours (or more if needed) of individualized immediate services to families directly in their home. In addition, staff are available to their families 24/7 for additional support and guidance. During the program we also provide information and support to encourage the growth and advancement of life skills that will benefit the family far beyond the program completion date.

Give us a call at  816-508-1609 to talk to a specialist and make a referral.

Intensive Family Reunification Services (IFRS)

Sometimes children have to be removed from their family home to ensure their safety, but many have the goal of reunifying back with their families as soon as it is safe to do so. By building on established family strengths, addressing areas of concern and empowering positive family interactions, our intensive family reunification services (IFRS) program helps families achieve the goal of getting their children back home. 

During this 8-12 week program, staff spend 7-13 hours a week with the family in the home providing solution-focused therapy. By teaching problem-solving and life skills to de-stress the family's daily lives, in addition to improving communication skills, relationships are strengthened as the household interacts in a healthier manner. Staff also support the family during the child's transition home, addressing any issues that arise, teaching needed skills and being accessible 24/7 via cell phone. As a final step, the family is connected to available community resources so they have ongoing support and are able to access what they need for the future.

Contact us at 816-508-1609 to learn more!

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