BREAKING NEWS: The#CARESActhas passed! Thank you everyone who mobilized to make this happen! #Relief4Charities

I am (name), a resident of (city). I am writing on behalf of Cornerstones of Care, a community-based nonprofit behavioral health organization providing trauma-informed prevention and intervention services in Missouri and Kansas, and beyond. Its staff of 760 are responsible for ensuring the safety and health of nearly 15,000 children and families through education, mental and behavioral health, foster care and adoption, and family support, and community trainings. 

I am writing you today asking that the Phase III stimulus package before Congress include support for nonprofit organizations of all sizes to help our communities and children in need. 

In the face of the coronavirus outbreak, Cornerstones of Care continues to provide services, working to protect our children, families and staff from COVID-19 exposure by following sound guidance. However, since the crisis hit, we are anticipating additional cost and loss of revenue through:

  • increased expenses for the utilization and increase of options to support children, families and staff to conduct business remotely;
  • service loss and disruption of contracted services that generate revenue;
  • increased costs for sick leave utilization, hiring, on-boarding delays, staff retention and turnover; and,
  • increased expenses for elevated cleaning/supplies/sanitation of offices and residential care environments.

Cornerstones of Care, like the thousands of nonprofits dedicated to children and families are uniquely situated to meet the needs of the vulnerable, yet they will be stretched more, with greater demand for services, as the economy declines.  A third phase of economic stimulus is before Congress.  Understanding the critical work done by human service organizations of all sizes to protect the safety and health of communities, I am writing to request that you work to ensure that Phase III of the federal response to the crisis include:

  • a $60 billion package of relief to non-profits to support business continuity. This relief would be welcome in the form of zero-interest loans and emergency grants, regardless of the size of the organization. Nonprofits can also be supported by improving the above-the-line charitable deduction by raising the cap to $2,000 and allowing all taxpayers to immediately claim the deduction on their 2019 taxes and afterwards through 2021.  
  • extension of paid leave and family payroll tax credits to nonprofit human services organizations of all sizes, including those of over 500 employees; and,
  • expansion of the emergency Small Business Loan Program to nonprofit human service organizations of all sizes. 

We are aware of a proposal in the Senate that allows nonprofits to receive these loans, but they would be ineligible if they receive Medicaid payments. Several of the services Cornerstones of Care and other human services nonprofits provide to vulnerable clients are compensated by Medicaid. Please work to remove this ban.

Such a ban will completely wipe out support of a community of first responders that are going unrecognized, social workers, therapist, nurses, childcare workers – the ones who will be critical as we approach an economic downturn. 

Human service providers are part of a community’s disaster response system, providing essential services. Federal grants and loans could be the lifeline to keep us—and others like us--afloat, avoid staff layoffs and continue to provide services to over 15,000 children and families.

Thank you for your consideration. Please contact Denise Cross, president and CEO of Cornerstones of Care at the phone number or email address below. 

Denise Cross  
Cornerstones of Care
Direct Line: (816) 508-1701

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