Before children can be healthy, they need to be safe. And whether a child is at home, school, in the community or by themselves, they deserve that safety then and there.

Safety Starts Here is a call to the community to pursue safety in all these environments. It is a call to parents to nurture a safe home. A call to educators to facilitate safe classrooms and a culture of compassion. A call to public servants to support legislation that bolsters the safety of children and families. And it is a call to every individual to embrace their own responsibility in creating a community safe for children. It starts with us. Right here. Right now.

What is Safety?

The first step in creating safety is understanding the different kinds. We identify four main types of safety that are essential to a person’s well-being:

  • Physical Safety — Your body is safe from physical harm.
  • Psychological Safety — You are safe with yourself.
  • Social Safety — You are safe with other people.
  • Moral/Ethical Safety — You and other people in your community are safe and consistent with your conscience, beliefs and values.

Whenever one or more of these kinds of safety is not in place, trauma can occur. Left untreated, the trauma can affect our brain’s development and result in lifelong, negative effects on physical and mental health. Safety Starts Here recognizes that the best defense against trauma is preventing it from happening in the first place, but that healing is important and possible for those to whom it has already occurred.

How Can I Be Get Involved?

Cornerstones of Care exists to partner with people just like you for safe and healthy communities, both in preventing trauma and treating it. We have many ways, big and small, for you to join hands with us. These include:

If you are looking for another way to get involved or have a proposed partnership with the Safety Starts Here campaign, please contact Carol Grimaldi at