Support Unique Needs Through Relationship-Building and "Fun"-draising.

Our Young Advisory Council are civic-minded individuals who believe in our mission and are taking action to be the change they wish to see in the world. By partnering with us, they strive to improve the safety and health of children and families in all our communities. Is that you?

As a council member, you will represent Cornerstones of Care in your community and circles of influence by lending your voice, time, talent, connections, and yes, at times financial resources, to drive and expand our programs. But in return, you will have the opportunity to network with like-minded professionals while playing a vital role in creating change to keep children safe and families together.

Become a Young Advisory Council Member

Impact Opportunities

The Young Advisory Council will participate in a minimum of two of the following impact opportunities with their peers to create strong relationships capable of great change:

  1. Tour each Cornerstones of Care campus and attend a volunteer training.
  2. Meet monthly to collaborate with like-minded individuals.
  3. Plan and carry out community fundraisers and in-kind donation drives.
  4. Plan and carry out service projects to directly benefit our children and families.
  5. Fill gaps in volunteer needs in a variety of settings throughout the year.
  6. Generate funds, either through personal solicitations or special event fundraising, that can be used to directly support our programs.
  7. Grow partnerships for Cornerstones of Care through personal and/or business networking connections.

Membership Requirements

As a council member, we request you agree to:

  1. Make a minimum annual donation of at least $25 to Cornerstones of Care.
  2. Sign and adhere to the Cornerstones of Care Volunteer Code of Conduct.
  3. Participate in a minimum of two of the above impact opportunities per year.

Membership Benefits

As a council member, you will:

  • Improve the safety and health of children and families in our community!
  • Gain valuable experience in the areas of philanthropy, volunteering, leadership and advocacy.
  • Partner with other civic-minded individuals on a personal and professional basis.
  • Have fun and form lasting friendships!
Become a Young Advisory Council Member