Now, more than ever, many in our community are facing food, child care, employment and transportation insecurities. Our team continues to provide stability to children and families in this time of uncertainty — read some of their first-hand accounts — but we need your help.

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The recent passage of the CARES Act includes a universal tax deduction benefit for 2020 charitable contributions up to $300, regardless of whether you itemize or take the standard deduction allowance. By donating today, a charitable gift receipt will be provided to you for your tax records and you will be able to claim this deduction. Questions? Contact Chad Harris at (816) 508-1704.

How We're Helping

Our team closely follows safety recommendations to be able to continue providing critical services to children and families at this time. Here are some of their first-hand accounts from the field:

  • Helping Youth Focus on What Makes Them Happy While Sheltering-in-Place 

    "I've been working with our youth on keeping things in perspective while sheltering-in-place by having them focus on the things we still have and the things we are grateful for. It's been an eye-opening and inspiring project. It was a nice reminder that, though times may be uncertain right now, we can still concentrate on what truly makes us happy." —Jonni

  • Andrea's Story

    "We are working with Andrea, a single mother of two on a fixed income. Due to the financial strain of many trips to Kansas City and Wichita for her two children's medical appointments last month, she was not able to purchase groceries or stock up on any essential items to prepare for the COVID-19 stay-at-home order. A donor graciously purchased two weeks of groceries for the family. Our team did a porch drop-off of essential items. The children are able to receive daily breakfast and lunch bags from their school. We have also connected her to resources in her community and in a city close by that have food pantries for future needs. Donors, the community and our organization coming together to help this mom is crisis has been a huge success!" —Jaclyn 

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Masks Needed!

While a good portion of our staff has transitioned to working from home, many are still directly caring for youth and other community members and are in need of cloth face masks. If you or someone you know is making masks (or wants to give it a shot), would you consider donating some for our staff? If so, please contact Sally at