Responding to the needs of children and families for 150 years.

Your gift today will help us reach our goal of raising $1.5 million in celebration of helping children and families for 150 years!

Your Impact on the Future

Community members like you have always played an important part of our story in our continued evolution and our commitment to responding to the needs of children and family for 150 years. 

Thank you to everyone who has helped us grow! Whether you are new to our mission or have supported us in the past, your involvement is needed more than ever as we honor our past, support the present, and strengthen our future.

In celebration of the 150th anniversary marking the founding of our mission, we are asking our community partners to join us in raising $1.5 million on behalf of the past, present and future children and families we serve. Gifts will be applied to meet our greatest need— specifically, our continued response to trauma and its effects on our communities. Contributions will also help us prepare for the future, no matter how uncertain, by enabling us to meet the needs of those most vulnerable children and families in our area. Together we will continue to meet the needs of children & families for the next 150 years and beyond!

Honor our 150-year legacy by making a gift or sharing your story today!

Our Services Today

What started as a modest home helping children in Kansas City now reaches more than 15,000 children and families annually in Kansas, Missouri, and beyond! 

Cornerstones of Care offers treatment to children and families who have experienced trauma, often through no fault of their own. We help them heal through a continuum of community-based prevention services, residential care, community training, policy awareness and advocacy, and mental and behavioral healthcare services. 

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Our History and Past

More than 150 years ago in 1870 after the American Civil War, a group of 20 philanthropic women responded to an emerging community need - caring for children displaced or separated from their families.

The actions of these women quickly led to the establishment of the Children’s Home of Kansas City, which eventually moved to the location known as our Cornerstones of Care – Gillis Campus. To further inspire others, the names of our campus locations were named after compassionate visionaries who actively worked to bring about the best in others and their communities: William Gillis, Blessed Frederic Ozanam, and Bebe Spofford.

Through the years, we have been able to expand our trauma-informed services beyond campus settings and into homes and communities. In 1997, Gillis, Ozanam and Spofford joined forces to form the Gillis-Ozanam-Spofford (G.O.S.) Consortium with the goal of sharing best practices and leveraging capacity. Marillac joined in 1998, and G.O.S. became Cornerstones of Care, which also grew to include Healthy Families. In 2017, the founding agencies came together as one organization known as Cornerstones of Care to serve even more children and families with a full spectrum of preventive and treatment services throughout the region.

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Make a Gift

We have a goal of raising $1.5 million by 2021 to support our services today and beyond. Whether you are new to our mission or have been part of our journey for a long time, we need you! Your gift will help us continue to be there for children and families when they need us most.


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