There are thousands of children who need loving, temporary homes. Unfortunately, the number of licensed foster homes has not kept pace with the number of children entering state care.
Learn more about becoming a foster parent in three easy steps.

1. Download 'Become a Foster Parent 101: Everything You Need to Know'

    Download this free 20-minute video that is packed with important information for anyone considering becoming a foster parent in Kansas or Missouri. You’ll learn:

    • The greatest needs of children in our communities,
    • Myths about “fostering-to-adopt”,
    • The process to become licensed,
    • Answers to frequently asked questions,
    • And so much more!


    2. Attend 'Real Talk with a Real Foster Parent'

    Register for a 1-hour virtual chat session to speak candidly with a licensed Cornerstones of Care foster parent and team member. You will:

    • Connect with other individuals/couples interested in becoming foster parents (5 couples max),
    • Learn more about the next foster parent steps,
    • Hear what firsthand accounts of what fostering is like, and
    • Get answers to your burning questions from a real foster parent! 

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