Make an Honor or Memorial Gift

Honor Gifts

In honor of Melissa Abuel

  • Melissa Abuel

In honor of Carol Allen


In honor of A

  • Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Crocker

In honor of G. Jeane Barnett

  • Denise Cross and Mr. Larry Hightower

In honor of Eyvonne Bowlin

  • Justin Horton

In honor of Vicki Brock

  • Barb Twigg

In honor of Sally Cook

  • Mary Lynne Dolembo

In honor of Denise Cross

  • Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Bacon Jr.
  • Lesa A. Chandler
  • Mr. & Mrs. Michael Grimaldi
  • Chad Harris
  • Mr. & Mrs. Tyler Minx
  • Putney Family Charitable Foundation
  • Mr. & Mrs. Freddy A. Romero
  • Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Wright Jr.

In honor of Kathy Couch

  • Mr. & Mrs. James F. Muren

In honor of Thomas Evans

  • Charles Evans

In honor of Bob & Vicki Fitzgerald’s 50th Wedding Anniversary

  • Mr. & Mrs. Doug Alt
  • Michael Fallon
  • and Mrs. Robert Fitzgerald
  • Donald Landuyt
  • Mr. & Mrs. Keith McGovern
  • Mr. & Mrs. David Morgenroth, Jr.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Riha
  • Michael Scanlon
  • Jayme Wear
  • Brian Williams

In Honor of Paul Gemeinhardt, Rob Whitten and Doug Zimmerman

  • Mr. & Mrs. Tyler Minx
  • The Moran Company

In honor of Brian and Stephanie Guffey

  • Gwynn Olson

In honor of J Dr. James R. Halloran

  • Tonya Knoettgen

In honor of Chad Harris

  • Allison Foss
  • Larry Harris
  • Denise O’Brien
  • Motivation Fund
  • Christian Wiggins

In honor of Judy Hart

  • Mr. & Mrs. J. G. McEachen

In honor of Traci & George Ismert

  • Terri Lynn Waters

In honor of Laura Muren

  • Mr. & Mrs. James Muren

In honor of Steven Myers

  • Paul Richardson 

In honor of Zadie O’Donnell

  • Na'im Mabry

In honor of Megan Sperry

  • Anne Carlson
  • Lesa Chandler
  • Patricia Kennedy
  • Steph Hart
  • Chad Harris
  • Mr. & Dr. Steve Hathaway
  • Laura Herron
  • Shannon Hesterberg
  • Mr. & Mrs. Scott Holland
  • Karrin Huhmann
  • Megan Lozano
  • Mr. & Mrs. Tyler Minx
  • Mr. & Mrs. Gregg Ono
  • Mr. & Mrs. Todd Oser
  • Shawn Saving
  • Mr. & Mrs. Brooks Sherman
  • Judith Soltys
  • Warren Traynor
  • Susan Weninger
  • Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Wheeler

In honor of Teresa Wollen

  • Mr. & Mrs. James Muren

Memorial Gifts

In memory of Martha Brockman

  • Yoss Bros. Thriftway

In memory of Linda Cook

  • Anonymous
  • Ms. Melinda Beal
  • Ms. Becky Berg
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gary Brouillette
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Burcham
  • Mr. and Mrs. John W. Callison
  • Mr. and Mrs. Mack Colt
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Cobb
  • Ms. Eileen Cohen
  • Mr. J. Robert Cook
  • Ms. Lois Davidson
  • Mr. Matthew Dow
  • Ms. DeAnn Eaton
  • Mr. and Mrs. James Eddy
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ertz
  • Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Fisher
  • Dr. Hires W. Gage
  • Mr. and Mrs. Steve Glassman
  • Greater Kansas City Community Foundation
  • Haverty Family Foundation Fund
  • Mr. and Mrs. Barnett Helzberg
  • Mr. Richard T. Hill
  • Mr. Roger Hurwitz
  • Ms. Susan Hughes
  • The Jewish Community Foundation of
  • Mr. Gregory J. Kallos
  • Mr. and Mrs. Frederick R. Kennedy
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kreamer
  • Mr. and Mrs. Danny Lara
  • Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lyon
  • Ms. Jacqueline A. Madden
  • Mr. Robert Maddox
  • Ms. Lynnly Marcotte
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kent F. Maughan
  • Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Mehrer
  • Mr. and Mrs. John E. Miller
  • Mr. and Mrs. Sean Murray
  • Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ollinger
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ken Patterson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Piebenga
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Popper
  • Powerful Performance Solutions, LLC.
  • Ms. Carol Price
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reintjes
  • Ms. Susan Sands
  • Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Schwegler
  • Ms. Mary Spradley
  • Ms. Paula Starr
  • Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Story
  • Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Struby
  • Ms. Jo A. Sullivan
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Thornhill
  • Training Dynamics, LLC.
  • Ms. and Mrs. Christian Vives
  • Mr. Michael Walden
  • Ms. Adelaide Ward
  • Mr. William V. Wolbach
  • Ms. Marian Wood                    

In memory of Joann Cross

  • Ms. Denise G. Cross and Mr. Larry Hightower
  • Dr. Chad Harris
  • Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Ryerson
  • Ms. Ryann D. Waller

In memory of Jennifer Eaton

  • Kiefer Senior Care
  • Ms. Susan Kiefer

In Memory of Rachel Genosky

  • CRB
  • Mr. Tim Seley

In memory Pawpaws Gregg

  • Mrs. Stephanie Surrey

In memory of Judy Hart

  • Mr. & Mrs. J. G. McEachen
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Minx

In memory of Bryan Higdon

  • Ms. Marcia Hatfield

In memory of Eileen Hightower

  • Ms. Diana Crutchfield
  • Ms. Grace Cross and Mr. Willie Harper
  • Mrs. Marcia Seabourne

In memory of Donna Hoover

  • Mrs. Jennifer Harrison
  • MCPL Technical Services Department
  • Mr. and Mrs. Paul Walters

In memory of Marilyn Maize

  • Carlson & Associates LLC

In memory of Boots McCoy

  • Dr. Chad Harris

In memory of Charles "C3" McDonald II

  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. McDonald        

In memory of Jennifer Miller

  • Ms. Martha Miller

In memory of Charles C. Minx

  • Dr. Chad Harris
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Minx
  • The Moran Company

In memory of Jay Sarson

  • Anonymous

In memory of Barbara Scheible

  • Mr. and Mrs. David Johnson

In memory of Emily Sharp

  • Anonymous
  • Mr. Randall Bathurst
  • Ms. Bretney Belvill
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joe D. Bellinger
  • Mrs. Cynthia Cashman
  • Ms. Joyce Chaney
  • Mr. and Mrs. Brian Cline
  • Mrs. Maya Cyrs-Smith
  • Mr. and Mrs. Derek Feist
  • Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Fiser
  • Ms. Michelle Funk
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hornback
  • Ms. Michele Jennings
  • Mr. and Mrs. RD Jones
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jameson King
  • The Mitchell Family Living Trust
  • Mr. and Mrs. Justin Nichols
  • Mr. and Mrs. Chris Pawlowicz
  • Ms. Glee Peters
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Pugliese
  • Ms. Joan Roof
  • Mr. and Mrs. David Saville
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schnieders
  • Mr. and Mrs. Scott Seyller
  • Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Shada
  • Ms. Kathleen Sheehan
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Vogt
  • Mr. and Mrs. Don Woolley       
  • Ms. Laura Wyckoff
  • Ms. Mary K. Zawatzki

In memory of Margaret Simerly

  • Ms. Clara Lord

In memory of Virgina Skelton

  • Ms. Sandy Hoffman

In memory of John Stanley

  • Black & Veatch Corporation

In memory of Daniel Stern

  • Daniel & Ann Stern Fund

In memory of Sue Tehel

  • Mr. Michael Schulte

In memory of Bonnie Lou Wallen Boyd

  • Kulham, Reddoch, Sullivan P.C.

In memory of Robyn D. Waller

  • Mr. Larry Hightower and Mrs. Denise Cross

In memory of Styles White

  • Mr. Richard White