Support Unique Needs Through Relationship-Building and "Fun"-draising.

Our Cornerstones of Care Champions are civic-minded individuals who believe in our mission and are taking action to be the change they wish to see in the world. By partnering with us, they strive to improve the safety and health of children and families in all our communities. Is that you?

As a Champion, you will represent Cornerstones of Care in your community and circles of influence by lending your voice, time, talent, connections, and yes, at times financial resources, to drive and expand our programs. But in return, you will have the opportunity to network with like-minded professionals while playing a vital role in creating change to keep children safe and families together.

Become a Cornerstones of Care Champion


We request that all Cornerstones of Care Champions agree to:

  1. Make a minimum annual donation of at least $25 to Cornerstones of Care.
  2. Sign and adhere to the Cornerstones of Care Volunteer Code of Conduct.
  3. Work with Cornerstones of Care staff to successfully carry out fundraising and volunteer efforts related to:
    • Trivia Night and Chiefs Charity Game (summer 2019)
    • Annual Disc Golf event (September 2019)
    • Our Gillis Campus's Family Fun School Carnival (November 2019)
    • Additional special activities as identified.


As a Cornerstones of Care Champion, you will:

  • Improve the safety and health of children and families in our community!
  • Gain valuable experience in the areas of philanthropy, volunteering, leadership and advocacy.
  • Partner with other civic-minded individuals on a personal and professional basis to have fun and form lasting friendships!
  • Grow business partnerships for yourself and Cornerstones of Care through personal and/or networking connections.


In addition to the Chiefs Charity Game and other activities listed under membership expectations, there are countless other ways our Champions can have a positive impact on the children and families we serve. From taking a campus tour to learning about our service to planing and carrying out a drive for in-kind needs, Cornerstones of Care Champions are truly that – our Champions. 

Become a Cornerstones of Care Champion