Cornerstones of Care Announces Market Rate Pay Increases in 2023

Cornerstones of Care Announces Market Rate Pay Increases in 2023

The Cornerstones of Care Board of Directors voted on December 14 to significantly invest in a 2023 compensation package that will make many key positions in the organization’s workforce competitive in the current challenging job market.  

Key positions, ranging from hourly workers to specialists, case managers and therapists, will receive salary increases, which will cover new and current employees. Cornerstones of Care employs more than 700 team members, primarily in Kansas and Missouri. Salary increases will become effective in January, and a listing of all currently open positions can be found here 

“The decision to invest in our people is absolutely necessary,” said Merideth Rose, Cornerstones of Care President and CEO. “Today, the board saw what needed to be done, stood up, and accepted the challenge. I greatly appreciate their courageous action.” 

Ms. Rose, who was named President and CEO in July, said the decision to increase compensation is the organization’s commitment to the three Ps: purpose, people, and presence. Compensation at the organization and within the social services sector has made hiring and retention challenging as the workforce evolves from the pandemic.  

“Our Executive Leadership Team is fully committed to our people, and the extraordinary work they do,” Ms. Rose said. “We made sure that if our team members were dedicated to the work we do, that our leadership would be dedicated to ensuring they are properly compensated.” 

In addition to salary increases, a portion of the investment will cover increasing health insurance costs. The leadership team budgeted to cover the 15 percent market rate increase in insurance costs to ensure that team members won’t have to pay more for their premiums in 2023. 

The investment also includes resources for the expansion and implementation of Cornerstones of Care’s inclusion, diversity, and equity commitment, which began in 2020. Today’s announcement is part of the organization’s rally cry related to its purpose, Courageous Action Require Everyone (CARE).  

“CARE is our driving imperative, or our ‘must do’ for next year and beyond,” Ms. Rose said. “I define it as inspiring a culture of ‘all in’ courageous leadership where everyone lifts, everyone leads, everyone performs, and everyone is accountable.” 

The CARE commitment includes being more present in the communities Cornerstones of Care serves and highlighting the positive things that take place with the children and families the organization serves.  

“We want that visibility to reflect our commitment to our team members, the families we serve, and to continue to partner to build safer, healthier communities,” Ms. Rose said.