To become a foster parent in Kansas or Missouri, you are required to have a license issued by the state. Through our foster care and adoption services, we provide training for potential foster parents and families, as well as conduct home studies to ensure prospective families are qualified to become licensed care providers. On average, it takes  4–6 months to become a licensed foster parent but our staff will help you navigate the process. 

We partner with the children's divisions in Kansas and Missouri to find homes for children in each care. Licensing ensures that children are placed with nurturing families in homes that meet state standards.

You are considered fully licensed by us once the following is accomplished:

  • All training, paperwork and home study have been completed.
  • You have been recommended by us and approved by the state to be a foster parent.
  • You have received your vendor number and contract from the state.

Become a Foster Parent

License Renewal

Upon receiving your license, it is only valid for a few years. Please be aware of your license’s expiration date, as it will need to be renewed in a timely manner. We try to notify our licensed foster parents of their upcoming license expiration within three months of the renewal date. The renewal process includes updating certain paperwork, such as:

  • An application for licensure
  • Criminal background check
  • Training classes
  • A family assessment, also known as a home study
  • Interviews with family members and case workers you’ve worked with

Contact Us for Your Renewal Packet