We partner for safe and healthy communities 24/7/365. That means we partner with you, your family and your neighborhood each and every day to positively impact the lives of everyone throughout our communities.

Each year, we provide trauma-informed services and support to 7,000 children and families (plus an additional 4,000 community members) through our 30+ programs. As a client, volunteer, supporter or even employee, your story is just as much a part of our story as an organization. At the end of the day, we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you.

Here Are A Sampling of Your Stories

Abbott Family Story

Building a Network for Successful Parenting      
Stephen and Jen typically thrive despite cognitive developmental delays, but lacked the support network needed to know the best way to care for their first child, Chloe. When Chloe was removed from the home, the couple worked with our Solution-Based Casework team to develop the tools needed to bring her home. 

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Caleb's Story

Partnering for Growth, Health and Success      
Caleb had difficulty reading and regulating his emotions. But by allowing him to work at his own pace in a structured environment, he thrived. His reading comprehension improved, he was able to self-regulate and this spring he graduated.

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Mason's Story

Helping Students Break Through     
Mason was a troubled youth who frequently shut down in frustration and, though very smart, he wouldn't show his work and had low self confidence. But with the help of his teacher who followed our BIST program, Mason was able to self-regulate, become accountable and make friends.

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Ali's Story

Building Success in the Classroom    
Ali has attended our day treatment school since she was nine. With our help she began to heal from her trauma and believe in herself again. Now she is a senior looking forward to graduating and pursuing a career working with animals. 

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Vanessa's Story

Not Another Teen Mom Statistic      
Vanessa was a single teenage mom with a high probability of becoming another unfortunate statistic. Thanks to our home visitation program, she was able to prioritize goals in her life and successfully achieve them.

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The Kirkland Family Story

We're Not in This Alone  
The Kirklands have been fostering for 17 years, helping numerous youth find their footing and start their adult lives on the right track. Initially, they were traditional foster parents, but after seeing the support their neighbors received through our treatment foster care (TFC) program, they decided to give it a try.

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Justin's Story

Change Can Be Hard   
Justin was a disrespectful teen getting into trouble with the law. Instead of sending him to juvenile detention, authorities referred him and his mom to our Functional Family Therapy program. Now, Justin communicates his feelings through words and thinks before acting.

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The Willoughby Family Story

Restoring What It Means to Be a Family
Stacy and Tom have been foster parents for 20 years. After seeing first-hand the importance of getting youth back into a family environment, they signed up for our treatment foster care program and have never felt as much support or as much a part of a community.

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Cynthia and Rober Wade Smiling

The Wade Family Story

Back to the Basics to Foster Success
Cynthia and Robert Wade have been foster parents for years, but even they continue to learn new things from the youth in their home. Recently, their foster son Ricky reminded them that they are helping these young men and women prepare for adulthood later.

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Jesus Engagement Photo

Jesus' Story

Nowhere to Go but Up
At 18, Jesus found himself in state custody as a juvenile offender. He was alone and didn't know where else to go, but he knew he wanted to get his life back on track. Thankfully, Jesus was referred to our Pathways Transitional Living Program (TLP) in Wichita, Kansas.

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Mr. Brown's Story

Community Members Making an Impact 
For seven years, Mr. Brown has nurtured his gardens and countless relationships with many youth at our Gillis Campus while helping develop our healthy living & food systems program.

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Mrs. Ernst's Story

Using Social Learning to Create Independent Thinkers
A kindergarten teacher for 12 years, Mrs. Ernst practices the Behavior Intervention Support Team (BIST) model of education to help her youth become reflective problem solvers.

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Duran's Story

Learning with Integrity
Duran came to our therapeutic day treatment school after his previous school stated he was "unteachable." But today, through our trauma-informed positive behavior support tools, he is now able to stay calmly in the classroom, learning and improving his reading skills.

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Mrs. Kahl's Story

Building Trust in the Classroom
Utilizing our BIST educational model — a teaching philosophy providing educators with skills to empower students to make their own choices and manager their own behavior — teachers like Mrs. Kahl are able to help children process their trauma.

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The Voigt Family Story

Becoming the Parents They Needed
Overcoming a background of abuse, Britney always said she'd grow up to the person she wanted and needed when she was child. Today, Brandon and Britney Voigt are foster parents and certified to license other individuals as foster parents.

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Matthew's Story

Healing Through Play Therapy
Matthew, a 10-year-old boy had witnessed and experienced physical abuse at a young age. Play therapy, a form of outpatient counseling for children, helped him learn new social & emotional learning skills to grow beyond the abuse.

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Daylynne's Story

Even Experienced Moms Don't Have All the Answers     
Wanting to do all she could to be a good mother, Daylynne voluntarily joined our home visitation program to learn about child development, answers to common parenting questions and be connected to helpful resources. Seven years later, she returned to the program for additional support when expecting her third child. 

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Diego's Story

Keeping Families Together Through In-Home Therapy
At 15, Diego had the size and strength of an adult, a quick temper, and was associating with people happy to involve him in their illegal activities. At risk of going to a juvenile detention center, Diego and his mom were referred to our Functional Family Therapy program to keep Diego in the home and decrease his chances of future incarceration.

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The Jones Family Story

Keeping Families Together in Small-Town Missouri
Corey and LaRae Jones wanted to become foster parents for quite some time. When Cornerstones of Care became a licensing agency in their area, their journey began. Along the way, they've learned a lot about being foster parents and a support system for other parents.

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Creed Family at Home

The Creed Family Story

It Takes a Team to Keep a Family Together
When Missy and Griff Creed become licensed foster parents, they wanted to be a home that keeps sibling groups together. In November of 2011, they received an emergency placement call for three little girls. When they met the girls, their lives were forever changed.

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