The Importance of Creating Your Legacy

No matter what your age or financial situation, it is important to do the right kind of planning to make sure you have a say in how your money or possessions are distributed during your lifetime and even afterwards. People are often surprised at how much they really have to give. If you own a house or car, have an insurance policy, a savings account, retirement plan, 401K, or stock investments, then you have an estate.

How a Planned Gift Can Help You

  • Reduce tax implications.
  • Provide income for life or income for a period of years.
  • Reduce capital gains on contributions of appreciated assets.
  • Produce higher current income than low-yielding stocks, bonds, or real estate.
  • Complement retirement planning.
  • Shift money designated for taxes to a charitable cause.
  • Continue your support of Cornerstones of Care.

A Variety of Ways to Give

If you would like to include Cornerstones of Care in your charitable giving, we can help you to create a legacy that will positively impact children and families for years to come. There are a variety of ways to consider making your donation such as cash, stock, real estate, insurance, trusts, IRAs etc. Your attorney or financial advisor can be great resources as you examine your planned giving options for the future.

These types of contributions are planned in advance and directed to the Cornerstones of Care Foundation for the long-term benefit of our programs and services, and ultimately the children, families and communities we serve. Gifts may also be designated for a specific endowment. To add a codicil or provision to your will on behalf of Cornerstones of Care, simply contact your attorney and request to add a sentence such as the following:

  • "I give and bequeath to Cornerstones of Care, a nonprofit organization for children and families, located in Kansas City, Missouri, the sum of $____ (or ____ % of my residuary estate, or the following described property: ______), to be used for general purposes (or a specific program or project) within the Cornerstones of Care Foundation."

About the Cornerstones of Care Foundation

The Cornerstones of Care Foundation was established in in 2017 when separate foundations from the historical agency campuses came together in order to support a single vision for one Cornerstones of Care. Restrictions for previous endowments that were established in the past for specific programs and locations have been retained through careful accounting procedures. In the future, unrestricted gifts will support the unified Cornerstones of Care through the single Cornerstones of Care Foundation.

Learn more about gift models and view helpful tools from our planned giving partner Crescendo Interactive at