Our Expanded Services

We know children and teens have the best opportunity to thrive when they are living with their families. If that isn’t possible, every child deserves a safe and loving temporary home surrounded by a supportive community. Our expanded treatment foster care services makes all that possible!

  • Traditional Treatment Foster Care—Services for youth needing the highest level of care due to extreme trauma in a specialized licensed foster home. Our trauma-informed team provides enhanced services and supports to help the youth successfully remain in the community while learning new coping skills processing their trauma.
  • Relative Treatment Foster Care—Services in the home for youth and their relative caregiver to teach new skills so the youth may remain in a family setting. Individualized training and increased supports to the relative caregiver and youth assist in maintaining the placement.
  • Transition Services (Aftercare)—Services provided to support a youth’s successful transition to permanency, a less intensive family home, or a community setting. This 90-day program, which may be extended on a month-by-month basis with approval if needed, helps caregivers understand and effectively manage the youth’s challenges so any gains made are not lost.

All Families Receive

In Missouri, 13,000 children are in need of loving, temporary homes. Right now, we're in critical need of individuals, couples, and families who:

  • Are willing to learn proven techniques that help youth heal.
  • Are ready to be recognized as part of the professional foster care team.
  • Are eager to make a true difference in children lives.

In any of our services, families will receive the same high-level, trauma-informed care and support they have come to expect from us:

  • 24/7 support from our team should any questions or crises arise.
  • Access to specialized foster parent trainings and support groups.
  • Regular communication with in-person and virtual home visits to check on the child's behavior and the family's emotional well-being.
  • Monthly respite care.
  • Connections to community resources and supports.


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