Ali's Story

Ali's Story

Building Success in the Classroom

Ali has been attending our day treatment school since she was nine years old. At first, school was very difficult for her due to the trauma she experienced in her life. When she arrived, she often resorted to using negative behaviors to express herself because she didn't know how best to communicate what she was feeling.

Ali eventually learned to trust others and open up about her emotions. She started believing in herself, which positively impacted her behavior and academics. Her social skills also improved, and she began making friends with peers in her class.

Learning didn't come easy for her though. In addition to being on the autism spectrum, she was also dealing with anxiety. However, Ali continued to try without giving up. She felt supported in her academics, behavior, work skills and relationships. With our help, Ali believed she could accomplish anything. She finally felt like she had found a place where she belonged, where she was safe.

Through the years, Ali became a role model for younger students. She continued to take on more responsibility in her classes and in the school. She held a steady job on our Gillis Campus and even worked in the community last summer with support from the Vocational Rehabilitation agency. Now it is her senior year, and Ali is looking forward to graduating! Vocational Rehabilitation is helping her pursue a Med-Tech program because she loves working with animals. She is sure to have a bright future.

There is a quote on the wall in one of our classrooms that reads, "Today is a good day for a good day." This quote helped Ali stay positive in order to reach her goals. We are proud of her success and honored to be part of her story, along with so many others who have supported her along the way — including you!

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