Moore Family Story

Moore Family Story

Our Intensive In-Home Services (IIS) partners with families whose children are at immediate risk of being removed due to an unsafe home. These families are experiencing crises, often caused by trauma, mental illness, emotional disturbances, substance abuse, behavior disorders, neglect, abuse, or family violence. Our IIS team provides fast, intensive, in-home crisis intervention and parent education when families need it the most. 

When intervention began with the Moore* family, Amanda, our IIS manager, had concerns about drug use, lack of parenting skills, poor communication between parents, and a highly neglected home. The house needed significant repair and had clutter and trash everywhere. Insects and mice were invading the house.

The family worked hard to make several repairs to the home, including clearing out all of the trash, cleaning, and rearranging, which helped open up their space and make it safer for their children. Amanda also helped them obtain some new furniture, including a couch and bunk beds. 

Mom took all of the parenting education to heart and tried new things with the children to help set boundaries and be present. The work was hard and, at times, disheartening. Although mom sometimes vented her frustration, she always said, "But, I know this is for the best." 

Both parents remained sober throughout the intervention despite drug treatment being very limited due to the COVID-19. They also learned new healthy communication skills. 

"I had to drop all of my friends when I had to start getting sober, but my kids are my best friends." This statement from the children's mother has always stuck with Amanda.

As the family came close to completing the program, only a couple items remained, including getting a dumpster and clearing out their basement. Once finished, the landlord agreed to send an exterminator. After completing this final requirement, Missouri Children's Division, who originally referred the family to our program, reported that they no longer have concerns. 

"The whole time I was working with this family, it was always clear that mom loved those kids to her core and wanted nothing but the best for them. She just needed that push and someone to tell her she had the power to do it," shares Amanda. 

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